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Disable Camera Shutter Sound
Speaker Volume for MP3 Ringtones
Full HTML Browser Hack
Multiple Java App Hack

Multiple Java App Hack:

  • Dial the following: *#6984125*#
  • Then click on #4 Internals
  • Enter Master Code: *#9072641*#, Click Confirm Button.
  • Now click on #7 Java settings.
  • Click on #3 VM setting
  • Then Click on #1 VM Mode
  • Then Select: MVM & user allow background, Click Select
  • Now you can change now many Open Java Apps are allowed.
  • in VM settings Select #2 MVM MIDlet max count
  • Now select how many I selected "3", More you have running faster battery power will drain.
  • Then you can Chose if you want to Hide or Pause or Hide and Pase the Multipe Running Apps.
  • in VM settings Select #3 MVM user End key option.
  • Pick the option you perfer to use i selected "Hide & Pause", Then click Select once done.
  • Now Press Save Option, Phone will Auto Reboot to ensure settings are saved.
  • Your Done, Now have option to run Multiple Java Apps.

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Full HTML Browser Hack:

  • Dial the following: *#6984125*#
  • Goto #3 Network & Call Settings
  • Now click on #7 Connections
  • Then Goto Browser
  • Change Access Name: Internet2.voicestream.com
    If your having problems Try these also
  • Now click Save, Reboot the Phone to ensure settings are saved.
  • Your Done, Full HTML Browser Hack Enabled.

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Speaker Volume for MP3 Ringtones:

  • Dial the following: *#0002*28346#
  • You should now see: Data Loading is Completed.
  • Now Press Back key on phone once.
  • You should now see:
    [1] Load Params
    [2] Dump Params
    [3] Call Config
  • Now Press Back key on phone once more.
  • You should now see:
    [1] RCV Config
    [2] EAR Config
    [3] SPK Config
    [4] BTH Config
    [5] Common Config
    [6] Rebuild
    [7] LM49350 Config
  • Press Button # 3
  • Now Press the Button # 4
  • To Change the Volume Press Button # 1 (Notice No * inbetween [] for option 1)
  • You should now see:
    SPK MP3 Volume, READ
    0.[2] -45.0dB
    1.[4] -35.0dB
    2.[6] -27.0dB
    3.[8] -21.0dB
    4.[10] -17.0dB
    5.[12] -13.0dB
    6.[14] -9.0dB
  • Now Press the Button # 6 (Note: Default is -9.0dB)
  • The top of Screen should now read:
    SPK MP3 Volume, WRITE
  • Your now in The Edit mode. Now i've played with this alot and Pressing 1-0 or - or # Buttons dont' work well.
  • You see Box at the bottom where you can type something click on it.
  • Now here you type in Value you want say we want it at "0.5dB" Now Remove the dot and the dB we have 05 keep in that mind.
  • Press 0 Once to get +
    Press and hold 0 to get number 0
    Now Press and hold 5 to get number 5
    Press Done Button now.
  • Blank Screen Comes up with Text box reading +05 and the OK button. Press OK, Wait like 3 seconds and now you will see Option 6 has changed.
  • Now what if you wanted to lower the Volume.
  • Lets say we want the volume to read "-15.0dB"
  • So same process only typing different numbers now Make sure your in Write mode and have click Text box.

    Press 1 Key 6 times it will bring up a "-"
    Now Type in "150" Remeber Press and Hold to get the numbers.
    Should now have "-150"
    Press Done Button now, Press OK too.

    Safe Lower Volume -15.0dB
    Safe Highest Volume +15.0dB

    Also once you have edit this option you will see a * inside the box now. ([1] SPK MP3 Vol[*])

  • P.S. I use "+1.0dB" for volume just 10 Decibles higher then Default.
  • Your Done, MP3 Speaker Volume Changed.
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Camera Shutter Sounds:

TK Explorer Top: This is PC Folders.
TK Explorer Bottom: This is Phone Folders.
  • Open up TKExplorer, Plug in USB Cable Connect.
  • On TK Explorer Bottom Download to PC: Registry -> "CamSetting.ini"
  • Open "CamSettings.ini" with Notepad.
  • Scroll Down to "ShutterSound=#" # = 0,1,2
  • Change "ShutterSound=#" to "ShutterSound=3"
  • Upload Changes using TK Explorer Bottom
  • Browse to: Registry
  • On TK Explorer Top Browse to location of "CamSettings.ini" that we edited.
  • Right click "CamSettings.ini" Select Download.
  • Disconnect TKExplorer, Unplug USB Cable.
  • Your Done, Camera Sound Disabled.
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